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Tubematics Tripod: the measuring robot

Automated inline measuring technology is gaining importance in modern industrial production processes and with the realization of smart factory concepts. Here, the use of industrial robots as measuring machines, which are equipped with different sensors depending on the application, represents an attractive alternative. Compared to dedicated, rigid measuring and testing devices, there are various advantages: high speed, comparatively easy integration of the robot-based measuring technology in production lines and simple adaptation to modified workpieces, component geometries and measuring points / measuring scope without costly conversion measures.

Precise 3D positioning of robots

Despite the speed, robustness and flexibility of robots, their inaccuracy must be compensated for accurate measurement applications. We are solving this challenge with the new Tubematics Tripod system. Tubematics Tripod mechanically binds a stationary robot into a defined array of three passive (non-driven) Tubematics T50Drive position measuring systems. With their help, the exact position of the measuring sensor mounted on the robot arm in space is continuously determined. Thus, the sensor can always be brought exactly to the intended position for each step of a measuring cycle.
At Tubematics Tripod, key features of the Tubematics products come into play. Due to their slim design and production from lightweight CFRP material, the Tubematics Tripod components combine low weight with high rigidity. Therefore, they cope with the immense accelerations of robots without compromising their accuracy.
Equipped with Tubematics Tripod, a robot achieves a high positional stability of the measuring sensor even at high speeds. The Tubematics solution offers a repeatability of <5 μm. In the standard version Tubematics Tripod covers a spatial measuring range of 450 x 500 x 500 mm. Upon customer request, we also implement Tubematics Tripod configurations with larger measuring chambers.
The Tubematics Tripod Adapter is compatible with most 6-axis robots. The solution has already proven its worth with international suppliers and manufacturers in the automotive industry in production-integrated measurement technology. Depending on the customer's wishes, we supply either the complete unit, including robots, or only the specifically adapted Tubematics Tripod components and the associated measuring software.