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Large lightweight XYZ and C portal for mobile automation applications

The generous stroke to weight ratio of the T50Drive systems together with carbon fiber joints and fittings makes the Tubematics product family ideal for mobile automation applications. A complete system with several meters of stroke in X and Y can weigh less than 50 kg. Transportation can therefore be provided by a car roof rack. The simple assembly process can be completed within 30 minutes. Standard scaffolding elements enhance the flexibility and use cases of the system. The pictured system has a stroke of 3,65m x 2,65m x 0,65m (X,Y,Z) with an optional rotary axis of +/- 180°.

Applications include:

  • coating
  • scanning
  • printing
  • painting and masking
  • handling

Tubematics systems are designed for use on building sites, in ship yards and agriculture: designed to withstand the elements - all fittings are manufactured from stainless steel or carbon composites, optionally servomotors with IP67 classification can be fitted.